mermaid bikini

Mermaid Bikini: The Perfect Bikini Tops & Bottoms for Every Mermaid

Summer is in full swing and we are ready for the water! Are you looking for a new mermaid swimsuit? Well let's check out the spicy mermaid bikini options, shall we? I have sectioned these off into the following: Mermaid Bikini Sets Mermaid Bikini Tops Mermaid Bikini Bottoms  mermaid bikini Sets Classic Mermaid scale bikini There's no shame in my mermaid game! Sport a skimmpy mermaid scale bathing suit in practially any color! Made from stretchy spandex material (like the mermaid leggings). [asa2_img img="2" size="LargeImage"…

Mermaid Shirts

Top 20 Mermaid Shirts You Can Buy Today

Are you convinced you're a mermaid walking around on land? Well, you're not alone! One of the best ways to find other Mer-mates is wearing some Mermaid shirts. You will be surprised how many people will comment that they love mermaids as well. Here are my favorite top 20 mermaid shirts you can by online today! Let me know which one you like the best! Shell Top Mermaid Shirt Can't go wrong with the mermaid shell bra on the T-shirt.…

Mermaid Swimsuit

Find Your Mermaid Swimsuit For The SUMMER!

Swim Suit season is coming (or here for some) so it's time to start looking for that new hot summer suit. This year, why not get a killer mermaid swimsuit to show off your sexy "mer-bod." I did some research (so you don't have to) and found some crazy cute stuff. Check it out and let me know which one you decide on! I have divided up the sections to: Little Mermaid Swimsuits Mermaid Shell Top Bikinis High Waisted Mermaid…

mermaid shoes

Mermaid Shoes: For Parties, Parades, and Everyday Wear

Let’s talk about mermaid shoes! Us mermaids are so focused on our tails and tops, what about our human feet on dry land? Mermaid shoes can come in handy at different events like parades, costume events, and even weddings!   Some are fabulously sparkly,  and some are decked out with seashells and little mermaid illustrations! So what are you looking for? If you haven’t decided yet I have some suggestions for you. In this post, I will cover the following. Glitter shoes Sequin…

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Mermaid Leggings by Mertailor

Mermaid Leggings By Mertailor – Review & Discount Code

My mermaid leggings by MerTailor came in the mail and I found the perfect opportunity to show them off at local mermaid friendly spring called Krause Springs in Spicewood Texas.  Keep reading for an in depth review of these mermaid leggings! Mertailor is generous to offer a 10% discount for new customers. This applies to all products except the Silicone tails. USE PROMO CODE FOR 10% DISCOUNT "MOLLY10" Mertailor Brand MerTailor was founded back in 2006 by Eric Ducharme who was inspired at a young age from Weeki…

Mermaid leggings

Mermaid Leggings – Show Your Scales Off!

Mermaid Leggings are growing in popularity and like most things, the good comes with the bad.  How can you tell which fabrics are cheap, and which will make you feel like a Mermaid rockstar? Hopefully, this blog post will help! DOS AND DON’TS OF THE LEGGING WORLD DO: Consult a sizing chart before purchasing. Nothing more frustrating than feeling like a stuffed sausage!  The sizes usually come in S M L XL (some XXL) rather than a number (like jeans). If you are buying on Amazon,…

Mermaid Yoga Pants

Mermaid Yoga Pants – Best Of Amazon

I am a huge Corepower Yoga fan. I am also a huge mermaid fan. What do you get when you mix those together? Mermaid yoga pants! Today while I was at yoga, the instructor was wearing mermaid yoga pants... Let me repeat... MERMAID YOGA PANTS.  I instantly went home and searched for some online. What a clever idea, I can't wait for them to get here in the mail! I have some basic mermaid leggings for going out but they are a little awkward to wear in the Texas Heat. Check…