Mermaid Toys: So Many Options!

January 2, 2018

Mermaid Toys

Has your child caught the mermaid bug? Darn! This means you get to buy some mermaid toys! You remember playing with mermaid toys as a kid right? There are so many cool ones out there these days. I would have died to get one of these for Christmas when I was young! Let’s have a look.

Mermaid Dolls

The first thing that comes to mind for mermaid toys is mermaid dolls.  You have an endless supply from soft, swimming, and mermaid barbie dolls. Check these out!

Plush mermaid dolls

Plush mermaid dolls are the super soft cuddly kind your young guppy goes to bed with.

Monster High Mermaid dolls

Monster High and Bratz mermaid dolls are similar but I actually like the monster high better.  They seem to focus more on individuality where Bratz seems to be wearing WAY too much makeup.

Bratz mermaid dolls

These dolls are not messing around! They come with accessories and can dress up, or go for a swim.

Barbie Mermaid Toys

One of these makes bubbles with her tail!

Little mermaid toys

Ariel Dolls

What little girl can live without a Disney princess Ariel toy?

Little mermaid bath toys

Rub-a-dub-dub! Flounders in the tub! Little mermaid Ariels sidekick!

Mermaid Play Sets

Some fun play sets for the kids! I wish I had one of these as a kid.

Mermaid bath toys

Speaking of mermaid bath toys or action figures, let’s give them a section of their own.  Some sink, some swim, and some squirt water!

Swimming Mermaids toys

These actually move around in the water!

my little pony mermaid toys

Great combo who ever thought of this!

Mermaid swimming pool toys

Who doesn’t want to play with a huge blow up mermaid tail?

Mermaid tails for kids

Mermaid Tails are super fun, but can be dangerous for weak swimmers. Make sure to supervise your kids to make sure they can swim on their own.

Mermaid Blankets for Kids

Mermaid blankets are not quite a toy but kids love them! There are even some for boys!

I recommend the Blankie Tails for Fleece blankets. My nieces got some mermaid blankets and love them!

Other Mermaid toys I found!

Schleich Bayala Mermaids

Mermaid Stickers

Mermaid Coloring Books

Mermaid Miss Potato Head

Paper Doll Ariel

Lego Little Mermaid

I hope this post has helped you pick out some fun gifts you can give, or use as stocking stuffers this year.


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