Blankie Tails Review: Read Before You Buy

August 13, 2017

Alright, Mer-babes! I am seriously excited to do this Blankie Tails review for a few reasons. First, I have been eyeing these guys for a few years and have really seen them grow. They started off with only kids blankets and expanded to an adult size (probably because of people like me). Second, because the adult tail I am reviewing is a new Ombre addition that is BOMB! Check it out!

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I really like that you can put your feet inside the flux of the tail. This is a high light for me. Other blanket tails will force your feet to a point at the end of the tail which can get uncomfortable quick! It gives you more wiggle room to move around. The ombre pattern is beautiful and I haven’t seen it anywhere else. The top has a dot embellishment pattern which adds to the design.

One down side is that doesn’t have a slit in the back like the crochet patters do. This makes it harder to get in and out of. So I would think of this more like a sleeping bag than a blanket.  This is a personal preference but there are many to choose from.



The fabric is double-sided, premium grade, super soft, double-sided Minky fleece fabric.

It is SOFT!

The fabric is warm but not as suffocating as other fleece tails that I have tried. Again, the feet inserts make it very comfortable as you can move around more easily.

The best part? Machine washable 🙂 Because life is complicated enough.


Anywhere and everywhere! Super comfortable and can and should be used whenever possible. Blankie Tails website has some great ideas.

  • Staying Cozy at Night
  • Lounging with Family
  • Movie Nights
  • Sleepovers
  • Camp-outs
  • Car Travel
  • Family Trips

Or hanging out on the dock when it is a little cold at nights.


This is a higher quality of fabric and pattern is well done.  I don’t see fraying or coming apart after the first couple times of wearing it so I feel it is safe to say this is a durable blanket.  I have yet to wash mine so I will update this post when I do to see how it turns out.


The product is higher than most fleece mermaid tails for $44.95. If you are looking on Amazon you will find some cheap fleece blankets. But that is what they are… cheap. The kid blanket tails cost $34.95. I like the quality of this fabric as well as the design. I think the cost is reasonable if you are looking for the durable blanket tail.


I like it!

This is a high-quality mermaid tail blanket.

The Minky fleece is a better option as it is slightly more breathable, softer, and machine washable. The design is great with the open flux for your feet. The pattern on the flux, as well as the textured top really adds to the blanket.

The only downside is the slit in the back. This could just be a personal preference as it is easier to take on and off.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!


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