Fleece Mermaid Tail Blanket Review

March 31, 2017

Hello! Here is my honest review of my fleece mermaid tail blanket. I will be up front and tell you it is not my favorite compared to other Mermaid Blankets.

Fleece Mermaid Tail Blanket
  • Design - More of a sleeping bag design
  • Comfort - Fleece can get hot, and the toe area is restrictive
  • Usability - Versatile, better suited for kids and colder weather
  • Durability - Strong sewing pattern, fleece quality can fade over time
  • Cost - Reasonably priced


This is a good durable blanket for kids in colder weather. The design is more of a sleeping bag than a blanket. Can get hot quick and is slightly uncomfortable with the restrictive toe area.


This was slightly disappointing. There is no slit in the back so it feels more like a sleeping bag than a blanket. It is not form fitting, and even though I am smiling in the picture, I feel like I am wearing a potato sack. On the plus side ­čÖé My hair looks great in this photo.

The feet come to a point where your toes go. I prefer some more space to move around, rather than feeling restricted.


Fleece is fleece. It is soft, and there are higher quality kind than others. This is a moderate quality of fleece and has started to ball up even though I haven’t washed it. Since this is like a sleeping bag it gets hot QUICK! I like to move around a lot and so the design around the fin area for the toes can get uncomfortable.


This is about the same as any other mermaid blanket. You can use it in multiple setting but the downside to this blanket is… the colors. This would look better in a Childs room, but as for me, it doesn’t go with much.┬áSince it is fleece, it is slightly harder to get in and out of unless you are wearing all silk ­čÖé


Durability can be debatable. Fleece does last for a long time but can look old and warn out as the fabric starts to ball up and fade. I have had this for a couple years and use my other crochet mermaid blanket more often. The plus side is, there sewing job on this blanket is very durable even with all my moving around.


The fleece blankets are reasonably prices and would be fun in some circumstances! My thoughts are a kids blanket for up at a cabin or someplace with colder weather.


Mermaid blankets are fun no matter what, but I feel this blanket would be better geared toward children rather than adults.


Hope this helps!

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