Meet Real Merman Thommy

August 21, 2018

Meet Merman Thommy

Where are you from? What do you enjoy filling your day with mermaid thommy?

I am from Sacramento, CA, but I currently live in Roseville, which is roughly 30 minutes away. Typically, I fill my day with work as an American Sign Language Interpreter, a Professional Merman at Divebar in Sacramento, and a Professional Merman with Dark Tide Productions in Los Angeles. On my free time, I enjoy traveling, playing ice hockey, and spending time with friends and family.

Where did you learn your love for the water? 

I have been swimming since I was a toddler. My mother believed that if I was going to be raised in a house with a pool, then I should learn to swim before I walk. As I grew older, I started learning to free dive without even knowing the concept of what it was. My parents would take the family to the river or lake where I would attempt to go as deep as possible, exploring the hidden world below. Personally, I was in it for the treasure hunt of finding lost items. Regardless of my childhood motives, my love for the water sprung at a very early age.

Merman Thommy

Why do you love Mermen so much? 

I believe the rarity of mermen is what happens to be so alluring. Not only that, but mermen and mermaids have the freedom to explore the world in a way that humans just cannot. In regards to mermen specifically, I rarely hear of them in most conversations pertaining to mermaids. When I show up to events to swim, I always hear people excitedly talking, and see their shock and amazement with the fact that I, a merman, am actually performing. This is when I put on my best performances and makes me love being a merman.

How long have you been using a Merman Tail?  Tell me more!

The first time I put on a merman tail was in February of this year, 2018. Divebar in Sacramento happened to start a Mer-Search for new mermen to work at their venue. I submitted my resume and photos late in the evening and five minutes later I was in the running and part of the audition cuts.

A week or so later, I got to wear a full tail and I fell in love. During Mermaid Weekend in Sacramento, I got to wear one of Merman Jax’ tails and also joined his team with Dark Tide Productions shortly thereafter. Since then I have commissioned a tail to call my own, but I am not ready to state who I got it from until it is ready. My favorite brands of silicone tails so far are Mertailor, Merrow Fins, and Merbellas. As for fabric tails, I really love Swimtails and their Betta line.

Merman Thommy

What do you think people can learn from Mermen?

One thing people can learn from mermen is that it’s not only for women and that this is truly an amazing profession and hobby. Most people live inside of a box of what they can and can’t do. As a Merman, I feel that I can do anything I set my mind to, even if it is out of the norm. Also, I have a lot of opportunities for travel, swimming with amazing people, and also making lots of new friends from all over the world! I wouldn’t have these things if I never took the plunge.

What is your favorite merman or ocean quote?

Eat, Sleep, Mer, Repeat!!!


Write your secrets in the sand and trust them with a merman.

Merman Thommy

What camps or merman gatherings have you been to or wish to go to? 

I have been to Mermaid Weekend in Sacramento, Pirate Fest in Vallejo, Pirate Invasion of Long Beach, and Swimtails’ Mermaid Mansion Party. These events were absolutely amazing in their own way and I can’t wait to see what’s next. One event that I am really looking forward to is The California Mermaid Convention that will be happening for the first time in Summer of 2019. This event will be hosted by Mermaid and Mom, as well as, Pixie Tribe in Sacramento, CA. I can’t wait to join in on the fun to come.

What ocean conservation efforts do you support? 

Currently, I am not affiliated with any and would love to be. However, I don’t want to be labeled as an armchair conservationist and not be fully involved. So at the moment I have been researching many different avenues and will be deciding very soon.

Merman Thommy

What are you favorite Merman theme items or clothing?

So far, one main theme that has become part of my new identity is the mysterious octopus. I have really started to fall in love with this fascinating creature and it has even made its way into the jewelry I wear. Now when shopping for merman related clothing, items, or trinkets in general, the octopus theme starts to take over.

Any tips and tricks for fellow Mermen? 

Don’t hold back, just be yourself and enjoy every minute of this grand experience. At first, I felt slightly embarrassed or judged by wearing a tail. However, the moment you put it on and start to swim, that’s the moment those worries are washed away by the waves. Just keep swimming and don’t look back!!!

Merman Thommy

What dive certifications do you think are important for mermen and performers? 

I believe that gaining as many certifications as you can, can be beneficial not only to myself as a performer, but for myself as an individual that spends so much time in the water. Not only does this make you more knowledgeable, but this also trains you in many areas of safety. I am currently in the process of getting my Lifeguard, Freediving, Basic Scuba, and Rescue Scuba Certificates. Hopefully, later on, I can acquire even more and be ready for whatever waves come my way

Where do you see the mermaid/mermen industry going in the next 10 years? 

I feel that this industry is still very small and continuously growing. With many of the professional Mers out there, I believe that there will be more coverage in the film or TV industry as well as many travel and tourist agencies using Mers in their advertising.

Merman Thommy

Thanks for being the first Merman to be interviewed on Everything Mermaid! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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  • Dark Blue with Bronze (Also seen with Merman Jax of Tide Productions)
  • Light Blue (Divebar Sacramento)

Swimtails Sand Betta

  • Green and Brown
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