AquaMermaid Class Review And Discount Code

September 5, 2018

AquaMermaid Class Review

Have you heard of Marielle of AquaMermaid? You might have seen her at an event or on her Youtube channel! She is a mermaid-prenuer who spreads the joy of mermaiding. Marielle has collaborated with hotels, resorts, and public pools across Canada and the USA to bring mermaid class that all ages can enjoy. I was lucky enough to attend her Aquamermaid class in Toronto and swam in one of her signature Aquamermaid tail!

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About AquaMermaid

AquaMermaid Class Review

AquaMermaid is the largest mermaid school in the world! It was founded in February of 2015 and proudly operates in more than 10 locations including Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, Edmonton, Chicago, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, and Phoenix. The school offers unique mermaid classes featuring a team of 50 specialized instructors.

These classes provide the mermaid tail for your use during class!

Aquamermaid class

It’s really incredible what Marielle has accomplished with this franchise. Mermaiding is being introduced to new areas and is also used as a fitness program. Mermaiding has really blown up in the last few years and there are plenty of people who want to try out some fins!

I was invited to experience the class and super excited to see what was taught and hopefully learn some new tricks!

The pool was nice, and I was greeted by the instructors as I walked in. There was a younger class going on with some cute little guppies trying out a tail for the first time. Their parents were excitedly videotaping them learning skills and swimming through hoops. At the end of the class, the two girls posed for pictures and then it was time for the adult class to start.

AquaMermaid Class Review

There were two instructors and two participants in the class. Myself being one, and the other was a woman who loved mermaids and was trying it out as a fitness class pass. She definitely had excitement in her eyes trying on the tail for the first time!

AquaMermaid has their own brand of tails at each pool site so you don’t need to bring your own! We tried on some tails but found out there were limited sizes of monofins. The instructors said it would work as long as you weren’t over a size 9.

AquaMermaid Class Review

Skills Covered

After we went over the basics like dolphin kick on our front, back and side then we swam into the deep end and practiced vertical dolphin kicks. I have a swimming background (and a mermaid background) so this was very easy for me to do. Next, we tried some spiral swimming underwater which was fun.

There was another mermaid swimming in the pool (not attending the class) who I connecting with and did a few tricks with before the end of class.

AquaMermaid Class Review

As an experienced swimmer/mermaid, it was a little disappointed not to learn anything new. However, the new mermaid in class looked ecstatic and exhausted all at the same time. Swimming with a tail can be hard especially if you are doing it for the first time! How neat that Aquamermaid can provide this experience for people!

Try out a class for yourself! 

I would recommend the AquaMermaid class if you are a beginner looking to dip your fins into the sport, or for a great workout.  Each class will be different depending on the skill level of each class member.  Some other reviews I found indicate they did more skills and games so it’s possible my class decided not to due to the beginner in class.

AquaMermaid Class Review


I think AquaMermaid is doing amazing things for the mermaid community and I full heartedly support this. I love that “mermaid classes” are becoming a thing and taught at public pools.  Make sure to check them out and dip your toes into the sport, and go take a class! It’s super fun to feel like a mermaid for the day.

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AquaMermaid Class Review

Aquamermaid Cost

If you are interested in an Aquamermaid tail, the monofin is $80 CAD which comes out to $61 USD, and the combinations of tail and monofin cost $140 CAD which comes out to $100 USD. Make sure to use the discount code MOLLY10 for 10% off!


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1 Comment
    1. marielle started her school (quoted directly from an article she gave) 2 weeks after trying a tail Herself.
      She has a very mixed history of stealing from other mermaids that was documented in The globe and Mail. (namely when she got her start by literally mirroring mermaid linden’s website, and giving the media in Canada photos and video of mermaid linden and another swim school claiming it was HER- so she went viral, under someone else’s stolen content)

      She doesn’t have the best reputation within the professional world, though that shouldn’t reflect on individual franchises who buy their franchises from her and they do not associate.

      I can’t speak to their tails, but in the beginning when they were trying to kickstarter for their tails, they advertised it using other tail makers tails, and footage taken without consent of other mermaids and used despite being asked not to use other mers unwilling to promote her brand. Another instance of stealing foam inserts from mermaid linden’s monofins and then claiming she invented them for her tails.
      When my friend ran a mermaid convention we had frequent issues with her attending workshops she hadn’t paid for, and then filming them, and then trying to stop her from putting those workshops people paid for- for free online.
      There are people who worked for her when she first started and didn’t get all of their pay, and were not provided the promised materials to put on classes.

      She is not a company I choose to support due to the damage she has caused so many in the industry, and her blatant disregard for the rights of others when it comes to filming them without their knowledge and then trying to use that to represent her company.
      Also all the blatant lying claims to be the first swim school in Canada (she was the 3rd or 4th by the time she got going) and the first pro mermaid. *rolls eyes*

      She’s also lying about her swimming instructors being certified lifeguards. her monofins are heavy, and difficult to swim with, cheap quality, fall off easily and mermaid spandex has a very short life span.

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