K Bella Swim Wear: Review and Promo Code

April 2, 2018

K Bella Swim wear

Swimsuit season is just around the corner! Are you ready? If you are looking for a new bathing suite,  check out K Bella Swim wear, a company based in Singapore.  They were nominated for the 15 top swimwear brands for 2018!

Designer Katya Shay may have been born in Russia, but she has a tropical soul. She chased the sunshine all the way to Singapore, and it’s there that she designs her colorful, sensual swimsuits under the label K Bella Swim. Seamless stretch fabric makes every swimsuit ultra-comfortable (and ultra-sexy as well)

Katya Shay says:

The collection is the culmination of my journey and has organically arisen from my life experiences. I believe it firmly reflects my own sense of style: playful, elegant, colorful, luxurious. Most important made  with buttery-soft, ultra stretch fabric to tighten and hug all the right places. All suits are seamless, to give you super comfortable and sexy silhouettes.

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K Bella swimwear fabric

The K Bella Swim swimsuits feel durable and light weight with use of fabric referred to as “Italian Lycra” a blend of Nylon (normally used in swimwear) and Lycra.

Lycra is a synthetic fibre that can stretch up to 500% and return to it’s original shape. That is really convenient when you need a durable swimsuit to last you all summer! It feels like “silk” but molds to your body similar to spandex.

What I like about K Bella Swim wear

The style I am wearing is the Kale green triangle top and bottom which looks great with any skin tone. The top is a non-padded triangle shape with a back-lock to clasp, rather than strings. The bottoms are a low rise “very” cheeky Brazilian cut. The bottoms work well with fabric mermaid tails by reducing swimsuit lines on your ” backside.” I like that you still get the look of a string bikini on your hips but don’t have to deal with tying any strings. It looks smooth and realistic without cutting into your skin.

A few things I noticed when wearing:

  • The swim suit is form fitting, comfortable and stylish. The best part? It won’t stretch or loose its shape!
  • It isn’t stuffy! Some swimsuit material can be hot, scratchy, too tight, and just plain ole uncomfortable. I like how it holds to my body without pinching my skin making for unwanted curves.
  • The mix of lycra and nylon is make it feel breathable, smooth, cool and comfortable.
  • This swimsuit is light weight! It doesn’t take up much room in my suitcase at all!

K bella swim wear sizing

I would be careful if you are on the “curvey” side.

The top I have on is a size large, and it’s still on the small side for me. I would wear it to the pool but not swimming in the ocean for fear it would not stay put.  Not sure if being manufactured in Singapore makes for a smaller fit.  The strap around my ribcage is secured but I prefer more coverage on my chest.

The bottoms are a size medium and fit well. I usually wear a size 8. The international style IS new to me so it took some adjustment with my backside showing when I didn’t have my mermaid tail on.


I really like the material, color and design of K Bella Swimwear. I would prefer to have more coverage on the top, but the bottoms work really well when I have a mermaid tail on. Not sure if I am confident enough to walk around on the beach Brazilian style! But if you are, go for it!

If you are on the curvier side, know that you will have more skin showing than you are probably use to with this international style. K Bella is a great brand to keep on your radar! Can’t wait to see you guys grow!


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They have some fun accessories to choose from like shirts, phone cases and accessory pouches.

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Photography credits:

Sarah with Flashpool Productions 

Reach out to Sarah and mention my blog “Everything Mermaid” and get $25 off your underwater photo shoot!

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