Margarita Mermaid: Shell Top Review

April 23, 2018

Meet Margarita Mermaid! This girl with some incredible style. Margarita grew up in Cancun and moved to San Fransisco at the early age of 19 to study fashion. It was there she developed a love for fantasy clothing. There she soon realized that many people shared her same passion for mermaids (and other mythical creatures) and set out to help our fairytale wardrobes. She is now located in NYC where Margarita Mermaid headquarters are.

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Margarita explains:

I’d like my swim line to feel like a vacation to a fantasy island where you are the main character of a fairy tale.

And that is the truth! Her line comes with a variety of styles for:

  • Witches
  • Fairies
  • Unicorns
  • Princesses
  • Mermaids

She even has videos you can watch with her products included!

Margarita Mermaid Unboxing

I was impressed with the packaging! A fun alternative to the usual brown or orange envelope. It’s also nice to see when it comes from the USA.  Finding shell shaped tops isn’t the easiest thing in the world. This design delicately imitated a seashell bra, without having to be an actual seashell (talk about uncomfortable!) I love the details, ridges and the metallic fabric.

The colors of these two tops capture fantasy wear with their sparkle and shine. They describe the purple top looking like a magic potion!

These tops are made out of Liquid metallic lilac fabric looks like a magic potion! Our classic Seashell bikini top cut and sewn into a scalloped shell shape. Unpadded sliding cups with adjustable neck and back ties.

The green is a minty pastel color that would looks great with a green tail.

Margarita Mermaid fit and Design

This top is an unpadded adjustable triangle bikini.

I usually don’t wear this type of top due to my body shape. It’s a little uncomfortable with pressure it puts on my neck. It also takes some time for “adjusting” and making sure everything is in the right place.  I enjoyed wearing this for the photo shoot as it really accents the tail!

However, I don’t think I would wear it to the beach and swim around in but that is just me! For those that have a similar body type to the examples on the website will be fine.

The tops felt better underwater (as it wasn’t so heavy around my neck). They didn’t drag or become loose in the water which is a good thing!

If triangle tops aren’t your style, Margarita has a few one piece swim suits or differently designed tops for more coverage and support. Such a unique line with “on fleek” mermaid themed colors.

If you are going for sexy fairy tale, this nails it! Such a fun and unique resource for those of us who love the fairy tale in our lives.  You can find some of their products at stores like  Forever21 and Dollskill. 

But your best chance is purchasing online. Make sure to use the promo code for 10% off.

Special thanks to Flashpool Productions for photography, Sirenalia for supplying the tail, and Margarita Mermaid for swim top!

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