Mermaid Parade 2016 San Marcos Texas

September 19, 2016

Sirenalia Mermaid Retreat and Mermaid Parade happened this weekend in San Marcos Texas.

I attend the mermaid parade on Saturday morning and saw the strong following for mermaids there! It consisted of local communities and government which lasted around an hour. According to the Mermaid Society website “The SMTX Mermaid Parade is created to strengthen community engagement and celebrate San Marcos’ unique river and art culture.”

Why does San Marcos love mermaids so much?

I am glad you asked.

There is something called Aquarena springs located in San Marcos where “The real Mermaids” were in the 1950s. This was a major tourist attraction where an audience would have front seats to an underwater show. Eventually, the show stopped and is now a natural preserve with glass bottom boats that you can ride daily.

Now, What is Sirenalia?

On the WEBSITE they say: Sirenalia is an all-inclusive mermaid production company dedicated to making mermaid dreams come true.  The best part! They just opened on in San Marcos Texas just down the road from Austin where I currently live.

There were mermaids and mermen displaying and supporting their passion. What a great idea to bring the community together.

Highlights from the parade

best dressed

Of course we had the beautiful mermaids


These were all DIY except for the skirts. I think slitted skirts are the way to go if you are going to be walking around It was extremely hot (September in Texas is still summer). The clam bras were nice to cool off but make sure your tail (or bottom half) is breathable. Also, having a mermaid wig might not be the best idea because of the heat.


Best Non-Mermaid Outfit, Urcela!

This was an amazing dress to begin with. I loved her necklace accent. Not sure if you noticed but it is still yellow meaning Ariels voice is still inside!


Best Dressed Couple

I am not sure how they pulled off the gold but they did!


How do Mermaids get around on Land you ask?

In a boat car! Or one decked out with sea shells and sand castles.

img_3737 img_3733 img_3732

Most Creative

Award for the most creative costume goes to!!! The clam!

Does anyone else think this is hilarious?



Overall this was a really great morning. I loved to see how the small town of San Marcos could get together as a community with mermaid lovers.

Honorable mentions go to:

img_3721 img_3723 img_3724 img_3725 img_3726 img_3729

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