Salty Mermaid: We All Want To Be One

May 7, 2018

Are you a Salty Mermaid?

I wish I was as salty as these ladies! Sarah and Kara are the owners of this spicy swimsuit line Salty Mermaid.  This picture makes me so happy. #merbabestotheextreme

Salty Mermaid

Sarah and Kara have had a goal since high school to create a line of swimsuits that help women feel empowered, confident, and stunning all while wearing “practically nothing.”

Both Sarah and Kara strive to bring character to each suit that is created. Both girls have worked diligently on every component of the bathing suit you will be wearing from the strong elastic to hold up your seashells to the care label (You have to read the care label) They searched high and low to find the most soft yet strong luxe fabrics… They have mastered the perfect cut for every body shape and have selected a handful of sought after designers and seamstresses to create the perfect suit.

Salty Mermaid

Salty Mermaid

Awesome job you ladies! I love what you have created! For those who want to become a “Salty Mermaid” use the promo code MERMAIDMOLLY15 for 15% off!


Of course, I got the Mer-babe Swimsuit! How could I not?

I had an amazing opportunity to do an underwater photo shoot with Sarah at Flashpool productions.  She got some amazing shots with the top!

Salty Mermaid

The knot in the front is a totally different style than I am used too. The fabric is soft and supportive. At first, I tried on the top than tried to tie the knot. That didn’t work out so well. So I tied the knot first then put it on and was able to adjust it better that way. It is surprisingly supportive.

The bottoms are for sure a “cheeky” international style so go a size up if you are not used to that particular skin showing. I got 2 sizes up (not sure why) I usually wear a medium and went for an XL. It’s a little larger but works great under my Mermaid tails. #nolines

Salty Mermaid

Underwater modeling is a whole different experience! It’s harder than you think! Holding your breath, managing yourself underwater all while trying to look pretty. It’s not easy!

I loved how these shots turned out with the surface reflection. What do you think?

Salty Mermaid

They also have a line of apparel! Mainly shirts, hats and stickers. My favorite is this Salty mermaid hat!

This is a solid black “trucker” style hat with gold font letter. This is what I like to wear when the seashell crown isn’t working with my outfit 😉 So fun, and I can’t wait to wear it on the lake this summer.

Salty MermaidMake sure to check out Salty Mermaid swimwear and feel empowered hardly wearing anything at all!

Make sure to use this promo code for 15% off!  Molly15

Salty Mermaid

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