2D Mermaid Animation: Sirenetta & the Second Star Review

June 8, 2017

Do you remember the days of Saturday morning cartoons? Tiny Siren Productions is taking it back to the golden days of 2D Animation with a new Mermaid series called Sirenetta & the Second Star. This six part family friendly series will air only on Amazon. Each part is between 5 and 15 minutes long and is now live so get excited!


Sirenetta & the second star Story Line

Sirenetta and the Second Star is a modern twist of The Little Mermaid, and the Mermaids from Peter Pan. Netti (Short for Sirenetta) fulfilled her personal destiny and now splits her time between land and sea. She accomplishes this with the help of a sea Goddess.

The story starts out when 4 lost mermaids from the “Second Star” come to earth looking for Sirenetta’s help. Little did they know, coming to earth is fulfilling a dark prophecy for the Redgrave pirate family.  Will Sirenetta be able to help them? You will have to watch and see!

For a sneak peak check out this video

There are some fun things happening in this short story that I like. The mermaids have special powers, as well as the ability to fly (from the help of Bell, formally known as Tinker bell). The story develops from the Mermaids of Peter Pan (which to my knowledge has never been done before) and a little Mermaid that fulfilled her wish to be a human and now “live where the people are”.

I like that Tiny Siren is taking it back to the nostalgic design of classic cartoons, combined with a witty modern narrative.  This animation series is family friendly and strongly connects with (but not limited to) the 7-12 age range.

Watch Sirenetta and the Second Star HERE


Who is Tiny Siren Productions?

Tiny Siren Productions is based out of Boston and contains a small group of rising artists who collaborate their talents and efforts for full service animation. They help companies or individuals develop a script, design, and animation for short films.

Have a message you want to convey? Why not do it through animation?

To read more about Tiny Siren Productions CLICK HERE.

What is 2D Animation anyway?

2D animation has been around since the 1800s. There is a good chance it’s what you and I grew up on. It involves a image, followed by slightly different image, followed by another and so on until you get 24 “frames” a second. This done in sequence, creates an illusion of motion. This use to be done all by hand drawn pictures. Now, with modern technology it can be done by computers.

Don’t miss out on this fun family friendly story of two classic tales with a modern twist! Great job Tiny Sirens!

Watch Sirenetta and the Second Star HERE

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