Talia Shell Necklace: Perfect For Mermaids

March 20, 2018

Shell Necklace
Meet Talia! A young jewelry maker from Israel. All her jewelry is handmade and inspired by the ocean or nature.  This sea shell necklace is a delicate accent for anyone that loves the sea!

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Sea Shell Necklace
She says:

My name is Talia Luvaton and I’m a jewelry designer.

I am a second generation in a family of goldsmiths. I grew up in a house where creation and design was always around.

When I turned 21, I wanted to make more out of my passion for jewelry making, and started my own jewelry business and open Etsy shop. My biggest inspirations are the ocean and nature. 

Silver Sea Shell Necklace unboxing

At first, I didn’t notice that she is a young girl from Israel that owns her own business! How inspiring! The package was fairly difficult to open but considering the long journey to Austin Texas, it held up nicely.

After wrestling with the postal package, there is a lovely decorated box inside with seashells, a starfish, and a pretty bow. Because of my marketing background, I really appreciate when people make an extra effort for the delivery.  It was so cute I almost felt bad opening it!

Sea Shell Necklace
The shell necklace is BEAUTIFUL.  I actually haven’t taken it off since I opened it. The actual shell dimensions are 1.5 cm x .6 inches. The chain is a 50 cm so it hangs lower than a choker but not low enough that my shirt hides it.

The chain length can be customized.

Sea Shell Necklace
Talia loves the challenge of doing one of a kind pieces! Feel free to reach out to her with requests!
My favorite type of jewelry making is when people get inspired from my work and ask me to design something that would be one of kind for them.
Her Etsy shop has reached people from all of the world which is a dream come true for Talia. She loves the happy faces of people who purchase her designs.

I am excited to see your shop grow and reach more people Talia!

Seashell Necklace

All of her jewelry is inspired by the magic of nature.  Her soft and gentle style captures the stillness of nature. All products are 100% handmade by love.

Sea Shell Necklace

These necklaces can come in silver or gold


Cost – $45.00Pendant height – 1.5 cm / 0.6 inch
Pendant width – 1.5 cm / 0.6 inchChain Length – Can be customized
40 cm \ 15.8 inch
50 cm \ 19.7 inch
60 cm \ 23.7 inch
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