Suntails New Monofin: Review and Discount Code

April 16, 2018

Suntails New Monofin

Welcome to the Suntails New Monofin! You might have seen my previous post for Suntails mermaid tails but they recently came out with a new and improved version of the monofin.

In this post I will cover the:

  • Sturdier design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fit and comfort

If you want to know more about Suntails click here for more details! 

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Suntails Discount Code

Suntails Discount Code

The comfortable foot inserts are the same but the actual plastic is thicker and sturdier which helps you move through the water faster. They have reinforced straps (for the front part of your feet) which helps secure the monofin while swimming.

Suntails New MonoFin Sturdier Design

The red monofin was the older version and the blue is the new. You can see they are still very similar.

Suntails Discount Code

However, if you look at them from the side you can see that the fins are thicker and sturdier than ever before.

Suntails Discount Code

Suntails Explains the mono-fin as:

  • Function hidden in beauty! The fin’s realistic fish-tail like ridges add strength to keep the monofin from breaking.
  • Flexible, but not too flexible! Our monofin aids in propulsion better than the competition while keeping feet secure and still remaining comfortable to wear.

Suntails Mermaiding Kit

This kit is free with purchase. Use the plastic to protect the tips of your fabric tail. It’s not “if” you will damage your fabric tail, it’s “when.” Whether you are swimming in a pool, lake, beach or river, fabric tails will wear down. Having these little plastic covers help the most vulnerable part of the tail. Those fluke tips!

Suntails Mermaiding Kit

You can also use the black covers to protect your actual monofin!

Suntails Mermaiding Kit

If you want to go a step farther, you can DIY with silicone to reinforce the tips.

Lifetime warranty

Suntails is SO confident in the quality of this monofin, they provide a lifetime warranty. If it cracks or breaks in anyway, they will replace it for free. If you don’t have the tail over the monofin you can bounce on the tips in the pool. The monofin will be just fine 🙂

Reminder: While the monofins are virtually unbreakable, the mermaid tails aren’t so be aware and use the plastic protectors.

Suntails Comfort

Suntails monofin foot pockets are a custom design that you wont find anywhere else. They eliminated the stiff rubber foot pockets and use a soft neoprene material which stretches and adjusts to fit your foot. Each foot has it’s own pocket! This helps so the balls of your feet are not touching during the swim.

These monofins last forever AND you can grow into them! 

The kid-size is 18″ and 18.5″ wide at its widest part — it’s small enough for younger mermaids while still looking really pretty and realistic on pre-teens.

The teen/adult sized monofin is 21″ deep and 24″ wide at its widest part and fits all the way up to a US men’s size 13+ foot.

Suntails Discount Code

Thanks Suntails for designing such a sturdy and reliable product! Us mermaids appreciate it!

Suntails Discount Code

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