Top 15 Ridiculously Funny Mermaid Cat Products That Really Exist

August 28, 2018

Mermaid Cat

The world of mermaids never ceases to amaze me. I was scrolling through Society6 and stumbled across some mermaid cat illustrations. “How funny,” I thought. I soon found myself diving down the rabbit hole of mermaid cat items you can buy online. Needless to say, it was an interesting and entertaining evening. Who would have thought to combine a household animal and a mythical creature would mesh so well? Hopefully, this is as entertaining for you as it was for me.

Here you go!

Top 15 Mermaid cat Products

Mermaid Cat costume

First of all… How long would this halloween outfit really stay on a cat for, if you could even get it on? I’m guessing 3 seconds at most.

Mermaid Cat Shower Curtain

Grumpy cat for dayzzz! Who came up with this? Espcially as a shower curtain. This would be a halarious white elephant gift.

Purrmaid sequin pillow

Ok, I will give them some credit… this is pretty creative. Those sequin pillows are adictive.

Purrmaid backpack

This creatively cute backpack… kind of? I didn’t know purrmaids needed training.

Mermaid cat bath mat

This is so random you have to love it. A mermaid cat in space with a slice of pizza bath mat. YAS!

Purrmaid purse

“Going out on the town? You must bring our Purrmaid purse with you. It will be so much fun!”

Purrmaid notebook

Are Purrmaids are better than Mermaids?

Purrmaid towel

This cat princess looks like its pleading for its life. “Please! Get me off of this horrible towel.”

mermaid cat Bed side lamp

Yes! I have no idea but yes! Comes in a variety of colors for your nighttime enjoyment.

Mermaid cat socks

The mermaid cat looks a little to sexy to be on your socks

cat mermaid coloring books

Speaking of sexy mermaid cats, check out this coloring book. Do any of the illistrations creep anyone else out?

Mermaid cat clock

Not sure why the fish is smiling. This cat looks crazy and is probably going to eat him for lunch.

Mermaid cat pendant

A family necklace hierlum to remind you of your old aunt mermaid cat.

cat mermaid stickers

These cat stickers are not holding back! Look at that long flowing mermaid hair!

Funny Mermaid cat shirt

Mermaid Ariel Cat shirt? Sure! Why not!

Thanks for indulging me with this! Let me know if I missed any that need to be added!

If you like the cover photo check the artist out on Society 6!

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